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The Night Not Remembered or Forgotten

Mike Harper


The Night Not Remembered or Forgotten

As the rain fell, you heard the noise hit like hail on the old withering roof. I had been watching the weather channel since my return from football practice and the forecast predicted a turbulent, violent thunderstorm. The clouds began to grow immensely until the sky was black and there was no visibility of the sun at this point. Unfortunately it was one of those “date night” weekends for my parents and they had left my siblings at a friend’s house while they enjoyed their Saturday night out.

Usually they leave me with a list of tedious chores, and insignificant tasks which I knew I would not bother to complete. For about a few hours I chugged throughout my house finding little things to do to keep myself occupied since I had no car to meet up with my friends or do something productive. I walked out to get my mail and forgot it had become a torrential downpour so I ran back inside soaking wet. You know that feeling you get when you feel like someone is chasing, or watching you so you frantically run attempting to escape? That’s exactly the feeling I received after the thunder boomed so loudly. When I got back inside, I locked the door shut and sighed a long sigh of relief. Since I had now become trenched in rain water, I decided to shower and pick out a few movies to watch for the rest of the dreary evening.

As I walked into my bathroom there was a wall of freezing air, I guess a draft had come in from the crack in the window. Immediately after shutting it, fog formed on the mirror and through the fog, and the glass on the window, I saw a dark figure standing on the sidewalk staring straight at me. I took a double take and no one was there, not a shadow, not a foot print. I figured because my chores had been so boring I was hallucinating so I jumped into the shower and when I got out I looked at the window and could not believe my eyes. There were weird smudges on the window, similar to the streaks water droplets make when they fall down the window but I couldn’t figure out exactly what it was.

After getting dress I had planned to make myself dinner and plant myself on the couch to watch the movies I picked out for the rest of the night. Something caught my attention as I was walking down the stairs, the front door was unlocked and it was cracked open as if something had snuck inside, or something had come out. I clearly remembered locking it because of the weird feeling I got before, as if someone was watching me. Or did I just forget to lock it because I was in a hurry to get upstairs? I couldn’t remember but I quickly locked the door to easy my nerves and went back into the kitchen.

By “make myself dinner” I actually meant heat up my mom’s leftovers from Easter Dinner that we still had because she made so much food. As the microwave counted: 59…:58….:57 I looked around my kitchen and into the living room, and  I had inserted the DVD so all I heard was laughter coming from the previews of upcoming movies. Finally when the countdown came to: 00 I was startled because I hadn’t been paying attention, and immediately after the beeping thunder crackled and lightening flashed. I had come to the conclusion I would most likely have a difficult time falling asleep because no matter how old I was, thunder and lightning kept me up.

As I was eating I decided to turn off the TV and just sit at the counter instead, all I heard was the pounding of the rain on the window and the wind howling louder than ever. Occasionally I thought I heard something, a strange knocking, a door creaking, and shrieking noises. I quickly turned to my front door to make sure it was still closed and locked, it was. I breathed a sigh of relief. Everything that seemed to be going on, on this strange night, made my boring Saturday seems like something straight out of a horror movie. What was next: A weird man hovering over me? Anyways, as I finished my food I cleaned the table and the microwave to make sure there was no food residue I looked outside and saw how hard the rain was falling at this point. The trees were swinging back and forth and the branches were flailing all throughout the yard, lightning lit up the sky and thunder exploded. Once again, I saw a strange shadow in the fog and immediately I closed the shades. I went to sit on the couch to watch my movie and get my mind off of what I thought I had seen. Within thirty minutes of sitting on the couch, I fell asleep and by the time I woke up it was 12:30AM. This wasn’t very late, considering the fact I am a teenager, and it was  a Saturday but I decided to go to bed. Since it was late, my mind was playing tricks on me and everything in my house seemed like a threat or something scary I just wanted it all to stop and what better way to stop fear then sleep.


Before going to bed, I went around my house one more time to do one last security check but as I was about to go upstairs I heard something on the window behind me. A weird scraping sound. Almost like nails on a chalkboard or something, but all I kept telling myself was that It was just branches, it was just branches. I obviously needed to turn around to figure out what it was. As I slowly turned around, my eyes met the window and something quickly dashed out of my view. Branches hit the window so hard as if something had been pulling them back to peer into the house. At this point I really believed I was imagining things because I was tired. I just needed to go to bed, and with such an empty quiet house it seemed so big. The only thing on my mind was getting to sleep. Immediately I started running up the stairs, but I heard something behind me. Whatever was watching me was now inside of my house. I froze. There was pounding on the glass china doors. Bang. BANG. BANG. I turned around again and my heart had never been racing this fast. Once again my eyes met the dark figure, but this time lightning flashed and its face was revealed. My heart stopped and filled with anxiety as I saw two dark red piercing eyes staring at me. On the window, his hand covered with blood left a streak. Without thinking I rushed up the stairs, dove into my bed, panicking I had no idea what to do. I screamed as loud as I could hope this was a dream and that I’d wake up. I didn’t. I heard the glass doors break. I was too scared to move. I kept thinking where can I go? Who can I call? But I was alone. I heard whatever it was make its way up the stairs, and on the flash of lightning my door was open. It was quiet again. I could not scream. At the next flash of lightning, the man or whatever it was hovering over me with a bloody face, red eyes, and a huge smile from ear to ear. That was all I could remember.





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