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Halloween to Remember

Bradni Black


 Halloween to Remember

It was the morning of Halloween and all of the neighbors and their kids had already been up putting up their final decorations in their yards, in hopes of scaring the kids that pass by in the near coming evening. I slowly got out of bed and made my way to the bathroom as I heard my parents in the kitchen. My dad was watching television and my mom was on the phone with her next door neighbor Mrs. White. Mrs. White had just moved into her new house which was right across the street from ours when her husband had passed away the year before. Thinking back on the days when I used to visit her down a couple blocks down, I cannot recall ever meeting or seeing her husband to be honest, I just always assumed that she lived alone.

Finishing up in the bathroom I make my way back to my room and began to get dressed. My cell phone begins to ring and as I picked it up it stops. The screen was broken so I could not see who it was. Suddenly it began to ring again, this time I grabbed I before the second ring could finish and answered it. “Hello who is it?” I said. There was a silence on the phone followed by a short chuckle. “ Yo man it’s me Jonny, you still haven’t gotten that crappy phone of yours fixed I see.” Jonny was an old friend of mine who went to school with me but transferred to a different town because his parents had divorced. “Anyway man listen up I’m back in town for the day, and I want to go trick-o-treating like old times, y’kno what I’m sayin? I heard there’s this new haunted out in your town and I was hoping that we’d check it out, what’d you say pal?” said Jonny.

Me and Jonny had always been Halloween fanatics and would often go the extra mile to make sure every Halloween night was different and scarier than the last. Since he moved away there had not been as many opportunities to make Halloween enjoyable, yet alone fun.   “Sure bud, I’ll meet you at the old hangout spot in about twenty minutes.” I said. The old Hangout spot was right around the corner from my house by the seven eleven where all the skateboarders would go to practice their tricks. I went out into the kitchen to grab something to eat when the local news comes on announcing that Halloween would be canceled that night because of a thunder storm that was going to happen. Right away I knew that Jonny would be thrilled to hear about this. I finished up my meal then I said goodbye to my parents, hopped on my bike and made my way to the spot. When I arrived there Jonny had not yet arrived but I figured he wouldn’t be that far behind, considering he lived about the same distance from the house as I did and he also had a good awareness of time.

Soon after taking a seat on the curb Jonny shows up with two other friends of ours, Luke and Tony. “Sup fellas, how’s everyone doin’, seems like we got ourselves a mission today.” I said boastfully. They nodded in agreement. I began to explain to them what I had just saw on television and surely enough Jonny was with me on the idea that it would be awesome to go trick-o-treating in that kind of weather. The other two, bowed out because of parental issues but me and Jonny could not careless, we had each other.


As the night approached and the rain began pouring down on us, we began knocking on doors and demanding our treats. Any house that did not give us candy was toilet paper’d of course. Now the winds were blowing hard and the sounds of tree branches cracking surrounded us, the lightning tearing across the sky then the boom of thunder made the night come alive to us. We were on an adrenaline high you could say. One our way back home we arrived at Mrs. White’s old house. The strange thing is, is that the lights were on and we knew that there was no one living there because the house had been abounded for almost a year now, and there was no electricity going into it anymore. “Dude what the heck is going on here?” I asked nervously. “What it’s just a normal house, just a little run down.” Jonny replied.  Jonny had moved away months before the house was abandoned so he had no knowledge that no one is living there at the time. “Let’s go check it out bro!” said Jonny. “Dude I don’t know about this” I said nervously. The thought of the haunted house was always fun as a child growing up but not at the time when we were actually face to face with one. “Dude don’t punk out now, plus I’m not sure when I’ll be back here, so let’s make the most of it.” Jonny said. “Alright, let’s do it.” I said reluctantly. We slowly started towards the house as a strike of lightening peered through the background behind the house illuminating the whole first floor. “Dude did you see that?!” exclaimed Jonny. “No no see what, yo im out of here.” I said in a scared tone of voice. “No it’s nothing let’s go man, don’t punk out now.” Said Jonny reassuringly. We slowly walked towards the door and up the steps. Jonny knocked on the door a couple times then tried the handle. As soon as Jonny touched the handle the door opened and something pulled him in. I remember hearing His screams on pain as I ran away for my life.

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