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Maggie and Mr. Stifowitz

George Kloak

The Unfortunate Tale of Maggie and Mr. Stifowitz

                A very long time ago, in a city that doesn’t exist, there was a young girl named Maggie playing in her room while her parents were out and about. She was lonely, wishing she had a friend. Just as the night began to start nobody came home. She called but they never answered. She peeked out the window and saw a star sitting all by itself in the night sky; she closed her eyes really tight and made a wish, a simple wish, backed up by a lot of meaning and care. She wished that she could have a friend. After that she was really hoping something magical would happen but something like an hour passed and she just ended up falling asleep.

While Maggie was sleeping the star that she had wished upon earlier began to twinkle, as if it was answering her call. A burst of light shined through her window and a small little creature formed. Not human, and not an animal. It was 2 feet tall, had a fluffy white body of fur, a pair of red wings, and the biggest, shiniest eyes that could ever peer into your soul. It nudged her until she woke. At first she was afraid, as any little child would be, but then she started to see that all it wanted to do was cuddle and be friends. She was happy, for the first time she could truly say she felt special and had a friend. She named him Mr. Stifowitz.

Once Maggie and Mr. Stifowitz had begun their friendship everything was so bright and positive. They laughed and had fun, made up their own games and made each other so happy. But when things seem to have become so happy and so perfect, the not so caring parents of Maggie came home. It was so quiet in the middle of the night so the whole mood of everything was emphasized. Maggie’s parents were upset, they began yelling, they grabbed Maggie and her father started chasing Mr. Stifowitz as if it was some demon or monster. Maggie was so sad, crying and pulling. There was nothing more upsetting that she had ever experienced.

Something profound began to happen. As Maggie was screaming pouting at her parents’ actions Mr. Stifowitz began getting an evil look in his big shiny eyes. Just as Maggie let out a heart breaking cry Mr. Stifowitz broke loose from Maggie’s father and began to grow. Her parents began to run holding Maggie in fear that Mr. Stifowitz was going to cause harm. All he wanted to do was be Maggie’s friend, being an unmarked creature he didn’t know how to communicate; all he felt was a sense of sadness and confusion. Maggie was screaming and crying to go back to Mr. Stifowitz but her parents kept running. As Mr. Stifowitz heard her shrieks of terror he kept on growing, he grew so big that he broke through the roof of the house. Mr. Stifowitz was big and strong enough to go and claim Maggie.

Maggie’s parents are not the villains in this case, what would you do? They kept on running in fear of Mr. Stifowitz which only appears to be a monster through their eyes. They were doing a good job at escaping from Mr. Stifowitz, running through all parts of the city and getting as far away as possible. Maggie and her parents began to talk about how it was her friend and that he is a nice friend. The only thing they saw was him growing at her cry and turning into an evil monster. There was a lot of confusion between both Maggie and her parents, but overall they kept on running away.

Mr. Stifowitz was full of confusion and lacked a sense of how to handle the situation. He wasn’t even from our world. All he knew to do was be Maggie’s friend. That sad confusion turned into rage, as Mr. Stifowitz began ripping apart building and causing a major uproar. Our world only saw him as a monster, so everybody was in fear. He was destroying things and flipping cars and it appeared that he was only causing chaos. He was looking for Maggie! His only friend, he was trying to find the only thing that makes him happy and the only thing that he wants to make happy. After killing everybody in the city and destroying everything, Mr. Stifowitz found Maggie and her parents.

In fear her parents protected her; they would do anything to protect her. She urged them to back away, because he didn’t mean any harm. But in the big picture why would you listen to the little girl.  They felt they knew what was best and they were trying to protect her. Mr. Stifowitz using his only thought process killed Maggie’s parents to get Maggie back. Mr. Stifowitz was happy and gave Maggie a big smile hoping to get one in return. But Maggie continued to cry and be sad. His only purpose was to make her happy and now he is in a state of confusion, neither of them knew what to do.

Maggie looked back up at the sky and saw the star that all of this began at. She looked around at all the fire and destruction and dead people that Mr. Stifowitz had killed. She held Mr. Sitfowitz hand and closed her eyes tight and made one more wish, which was backed up by a lot of meaning and care. She wished that Mr. Stifowitz and she would disappear. Because she felt that her needs were at the cost of too much. She only wanted a friend but she felt that maybe she was too greedy and asked to much of the world. Because look at what had happened.

While her eyes were still closed tight, the star began to twinkle in the late night sky. A burst of light came upon Mr. Stifowitz and her, and slowly they disappeared into nothing. They didn’t go to Heaven and they didn’t go to Hell. They just disappeared. That was her wish and I don’t think she could have been happier. Sometimes when you look up at the sky at night and see a solo star in the sky, that star could hold power. Make sure your wishes are for the better and only when you give them a lot of meaning and a lot of care they will come true.



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