Bergen Catholic Talisman

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Podcasts of Historical Fiction:

George Washington by Mike Beron

The Real Story Of Benedict Arnold by Nick LaTesta

The Deadliest Secret by Mark Marsella

King Arthur and the Suit of Splendor by Patrick Bohlin

A¬† Fictional Account of JFK’s Assassination by Jeff Warmock

Trust No One by Cesar DeLara

Once Upon a Time in the Third Reich by Ian Barber

Two Against the World by Kenny Lenoci

Fallen Icon by Brian McNeely

Joe Willy Saves the Day by Matthew Rega

Podcasts of Original Horror Stories:

(They may amuse you…they may shock you… they may terrify you…Well, we warned you…)

Panic Hotel by Eric Delgado

Yellow Earl by Anthony Graziani Horror

Mike’s Bad Day by Brandon Kennedy

The Man Who Got Away by Spencer Kulcsar

The Stranger  by Ryan Melvin

“Smith, Get Off Your Lazy Behind” by M. O’Dowd

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