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The Search for a New Planet

February 15, 2030

We left our home planet as soon as we heard of its impending expiration. Streets were beginning sink and earthquakes swallowed up entire cities into the Earth’s crust. The only hope left for our people is to abandon our homes. My family and community have gotten as far away as possible. It has been two weeks since our community arrived on this new planet. This planet is one of much mystery. We have traveled from place to place looking for a safe home but the land is diverse and dangerous. Some places are barren and desert like. Other places are full of life, plants and mysterious animals. We have most recently come upon a forest in which we plan to make our home in. Along the western edge of the forest there is a great river. The society is planning to make our new civilization on the outskirts of the forest where we will have many supplies and natural resources. I hope everything goes well and we settle down soon.

February 20, 2030

Our small community has set up camp along the forest as was planned. So far we have not had a hard time finding food and supplies but the large animals we have encountered seem dangerous and irritated. I fear that if we do not get some sort of protection against the wilderness than we will not last much longer. The trees are full of fruits and provide a good source of food but out village is lacking proteins we need to survive. Sadly we are not yet ready for hunting. If we can manage to build a fence or wall to keep out the unwanted visitors, than we may have a good chance of surviving.

February 22, 2030

Our plan to build a wall around the city is proving to be much more difficult then we imagined. We do not have the supplies or man power to build a strong encasing in which we will be permanently protected. Unfortunately we did not bring many supplies with us and we are lacking weapons, ammunition and any power tools that could assist us. The younger men in the society have made makeshift axes and tools out of whatever rocks or metal we have. They are planning to cut down trees to use in building the fort. We are also in need of fire wood because the weather is slowly becoming colder and less inviting. However on a good note, the few men who brought guns and other weapons with them have been able to hunt down some native animals, which we plan to eat this week.

February 28, 2030

The fort around our town is beginning to come together. The other men and I have been working endlessly to cut wood and build shelter and protection. So far we have been able to surround two thirds of our small village and have built a couple small shelters. The food supplies that we had taken with us are running low, but we have discovered that the native animals are extremely tasty and nutritious. In a week or so, once we have finished building shelters, we plan to set traps to

catch as much game as possible. So far only five of our members have fallen ill from fatigue but no one has died as of now. We are hoping to survive here for a few months until the rest of the people on our home planet arrive or find a new planet fit for inhabiting.

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March 12, 2030

Hopefully this is the last entry that I write before we are saved by the rest of our people. Life has been extremely tough on this new planet. If we did not have our completed fort and protective shelters we would never have survived this long. Our society has lost quite a few members since I have last written in my diary. Some of them died from sickness, others disappeared into the wilderness. A few men have even been killed while on the hunt by enraged animals. We have recently received a message from our home planet and they are sending a spaceship to transport us to a new location. From what we know this new location is much safer and already has houses and towns for all new comers. I do not know how much longer our people have to stay on this planet, but if we do not receive help soon I fear that many of us will not survive…

By: Lawrence Chan

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