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Discover the Comquatians

Discovering the Comquatians

Bright, silent, still, and majestic. Those are merely some words I can use to describe the sight of leaving earth and entering space. Just me and my 2 man crew, it felt incredible seeing something so extraordinary. We were on our way to the moon because our probes had some sensation of other life forms. There was little to no chance this was true, but they would like us to take a look anyway.

It’s been 3 days now and finally, we were only meters away from the moon. It’s really exciting just to know I was about to land on another planet. Our spaceship lands, and one at a time we began to move out. I hit the ground and then looked around. There was no life form I could see around me. I waited for the other two guys and we started to walk around looking for anything we can find. As we were walking we found a stone on the floor. It wouldn’t in any normal case mean anything but as I picked it up I realized it was a perfect cube. There is nothing in nature with straight lines and this was most definatly not natural. I then looked up and in the distance saw a little stone building that could not have been made by anyone from earth.

While entering the building with my crew, we found what looked like a human family sitting and eating dinner. They then looked up at us and started making sort of squealing talking noises, and their faces were distorted. By some hand gestures I was able to communicate with the people and say we are not of any harm. Aware I was not going to do anything to them, they were wondering why I was here and I knew I would not be able to communicate that so I just went over to a stone fixture which looked like a chair, and sat down. They seemed to be eating some sort of a gelatin which was cooked and had a scent similar to the spices we use in our everyday food. After about an hour of watching them, they were done and chanted some words very similar to us praying. They then showed me and my friends to a room and we were able to get some sleep.

How can I possibly be alive I wondered, when I woke up without my helmet on, and came to a conclusion that they had some sort of way of emitting oxygen into their homes. I went over to the other room and the little kid was watching some sort of hologram cartoon with others who looked similar to him on the screen. “There has to be more of them!” I thought. A lady who could have possibly been the kid’s grandma looked over to me and said to me in English “you’re from earth aren’t you?”

“How do you speak English?” I replied.

“The oldest of us know this language because back when Neil Armstrong came here, he taught many of us.”

“That’s incredible; can you show me to the rest of your people?”

“Sure, they’re located in town follow me.

The Woman took me in a little hovercraft she had parked in the back and took me over to what looked like a futuristic version of Manhattan. There I was walking around and was able to see all these people dressed in vinyl looking clothing and looked like business people. There were also robots walking around the street as a human would. It was incredible just seeing how these people had a way of life much like earth. It would never have crossed my mind that there could possibly be another civilization. I then went back to the house and told my crew what I saw and I had taken pictures of it all before. Our work was done. We then said bye to the family and told them we would definatly see them again and we hopped back into the space ship and headed back for earth. It was definatly an experience I’d like to replicate.

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