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The Raven and the Coyote by John Bowers

It was a beautiful day in the canyon. The wind was right, the sun was not too strong, and there was not a cloud in the sky. Raven was out for his daily morning flight. He was very hungry, but also very lazy. Raven noticed his friend Coyote off in the distance. He was busy picking berries and out plants for his breakfast. Raven flew towards him.

“Hello my friend” said Raven. “Good morning” said Coyote, “what are you doing today?” Raven replied “nothing really, just going to find some breakfast”, as he moved around nervously “what about you?” “I’m off to find my friend Fox” answered Coyote “Say, can you watch my food while I get Fox?” Raven agrees, and Coyote set off. Raven sat there for a couple of minutes, and then thought to himself “why can’t I eat his food, and blame someone else?”

Coyote returned with Fox only to realize his food is gone. He then asked Raven “where is my food?” Raven tells Coyote an elaborate lie about how to gang of other birds came and took the food, threatening to hurt him. “Well alright, there is nothing we can do about that, but the joke is on them” said Coyote, “Because one of the plants was for my garden and was very poisonous.” Raven took a deep gulp and tried to hide his fear. Coyote knew that Raven’s story did not match and was trying to get him to say the truth.

Raven then asked “W-w-well, what happens when someone eats that plant?” Coyote tells him that the plant can make people very- very sick and some people have even died from it. Raven lets out a screech upon hearing that. He then fesses up to Coyote telling him that he was the one that ate it and that he was so hungry. “I don’t care that you ate my food Raven, I care that we have been friends for so long and you still lie to me about the silliest thing.” Coyote then tells him that the food was not poisonous, and he just wanted him to be truthful for once.  Raven apologized for his actions and the three set out to collect some food for their breakfast.

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