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Squirrel, Chipmunk, and Raccoon by Joe Caggiano

It was a mid- fall day and squirrel was just beginning to collect food for the winter. Day after day Squirrel would wake up early in the morning to collect food and he wouldn’t stop until late that night. After a couple of weeks squirrel was exhausted of collecting and he didn’t nearly collect enough food to last the winter. Then one day with winter just coming around the corner squirrel was still gathering as much as he could because he was still running low on for the winter. After many hours that day Squirrel saw chipmunk. The two of them began to talk and speak about the winter approaching. They both found out that they were low on food for the winter but if they combined their supplies they would both have enough to last the winter.

With winter now only one week away squirrel and chipmunk were well prepared. Then one late afternoon raccoon approached them. He said he would put in his supplies as well and he could also live with them for the winter. Squirrel and chipmunk discussed if they would allow raccoon to stay with them. They knew about raccoon’s dark past but the felt guilty because a thunderstorm was approaching. The three of them stayed together that miserable night with a thunderstorm over head. It took them a while to figure out where everyone was going to stay with a new guest but after hours they made it work.

While squirrel and chipmunk were asleep raccoon was still awake. He waited for them to fall asleep so he could take all of their food. Raccoon was back to his dark ways. He took a large bag that he made and started to but the food in it. The sound of thunder and lightning covered up all the thing raccoon was doing. While on his way out with all the food raccoon lighting struck a tree branch. The tree branches fell directly on top of raccoon killing him. The next mooring squirrel and chipmunk saw what happened. The two of them knew what raccoon was trying to do and felt no sorrow.


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