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Spider’s Silk by Ethan Nouhan


Spider’s web was not always sticky and Spider wasn’t always hated. And in fact In fact, he was the most loved, but envied. He had the shiniest and prettiest house out of all the insects. Insects looked up to him and always wished to have half as beautiful of a home as Spider. Spider never let anyone in, which made the insects of the forest even more envious.

One day, Dragonfly could not control his envy anymore so he flew right through a section of Spider’s home, ruining all of his hard work.

Spider came running out screaming, “What are you doing? You ruined my home!”

Dragon fly fled the primacies and obviously Spider could not chase him. Spider became full of anger and began to show hatred to Dragonfly. Spider stayed up long nights deciding how to get back at Dragonfly. He wanted to take revenge upon him. And then it came to him. He needed to visit someone much wiser than himself.

Spider climbed down his web that was perched between two tree branches, down the tree, and across the dirt path to the Sap Tree of the Killer Ant. Killer Ant was an angry animal and usually did not help anyone unless they had a common interest. He was wise, but was always angry. His wisdom nevertheless controlled the way he used his anger to get whatever he wanted.

Spider approached Killer Ant slowly.

“Oh great Killer Ant, I come humbly before you in seek of your wisdom.”

“And why should I help you?!” Killer Ant retorted.

“Because I’m very angry.”

Killer Ant paused for a moment, “Go on.”

“Many of the insects are jealous of my extravagant home that I have worked so diligently on. So jealous that one day Dragonfly came and destroyed it! I want revenge but I do not know how and where to start.”

Killer Ant took a hiatus for a moment then spoke, “Follow me.”

Killer Ant took Spider outside of the Sap Tree and brought him to a part of the tree where sap was visible.

“Eat this, and then make a new web.” Killer Ant told Spider, and then walked away.

“But wait, what do I…” Spider began but by that time Killer Ant was too far away to be heard.

So, Spider ate the sap, went back to his damaged home, and began reconstructing his house. As he was making the webs and connecting them to each other, he felt that the web had a different texture to it; it had a much stickier feel to it. After a few short hours, Spider’s new and even more beautiful home was complete.

Dragonfly of course saw this and decided he must destroy Spider’s magnificent home once and for all. Dragon fly charged with all of his force into the middle of the web but this time, the web absorbed the impact of Dragonfly and remained unaltered. Dragonfly also became stuck to the web.

“Why can’t I move?” Dragonfly asked out loud.

Spider came from the depths of the darkness and into Dragonfly’s field of view. Spider moved toward Dragonfly slowly with the look of anger on his face. Dragonfly tried desperately to escape but once Spider reached Dragonfly…well that was the end of Dragonfly.

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