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The Deacon by Geovanny Lara

The Deacon was a merry man, he always has a welcoming countenance. He frowns upon malevolence and is always happy to see good be done. He is a magnificent teacher of his faith that never tarries by not teaching what is required.  He never scourges a student, rather he points out their wrongdoings and lets them know to not do such again. He is of average height and has a grey goatee. He always wears his glasses and during school will wear the casual attire of a polo and dress pants.  He speaks to each and every student letting them know what is on his mind and never being incomprehensible. At mass he will read out of the bible, while everyone ruminates over the true meaning of the bible passage. A phrase he often says is that the most important things is being happy and wealth is not nearly as important.

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